Celts & The Iron Age - Roman Scotland

Depending on which of the two topics you are studying then either a Celtic Warrior (complete with woad war paint) or Roman Legionary (in impressive full lorica segmentata armour) will visit your class to discuss the Celts/Romans, their lifestyles, Roman/Celtic Empires, customs, traditions, weaponry, battles, life in the Iron Age/Roman Times and the Celts & Romans in Scotland - including an examination of the wealth of archaeological evidence left behind.  Efforts will always be made to seek out examples local to your school.

Our collection of realistic props, weaponry and costumes (which support both displays) have been added to in 2015 with new shields, costumes and other articles.  Plus we continue to try and add to our collection of genuine ancient artifacts - real HANDS-ON history. 

Dependent on the age, number (& attention span) of your class these displays can fill either the morning or afternoon time period in school.