Our original and still most requested display.

The buzz of excitement soon spreads around school when a Viking Warrior is sighted in the corridor. Your visitor will discuss the Norse Culture, food, drink, clothing, life in the Scandinavian Homelands, Sagas and the Gods, background to trading, raiding and their impact on Britain & Scotland including the Battle of Largs.

A large collection of costumes and a whole array of props & armoury will be displayed and available for handling and trying on.  We've recently added a set of 7 hand painted children's size shields and spears and as part of your session  the children will be able to participate in and demonstrate the battle tactics of the Viking Shield Wall plus we are adding more 'hands on' participation activities - weaving using a miniature loom and spinning wool using drop spindles.

This presentation can comfortably fit into either the afternoon or morning time slot in school, depending on curriculum requirements & class attention span.