Our original and still most requested display.

The buzz of excitement soon spreads around school when a Viking Warrior is sighted in the corridor. Your visitor will discuss the Norse Culture, food, drink, clothing, life in the Scandinavian Homelands, Sagas and the Gods, burial practices, background to trading, raiding, battle tactics and their impact on Britain & Scotland including the Battle of Largs plus their lasting legacy.

Our Vikings input has (in recent years) undergone a major revamp with many new props added to include a domestic element with furnishings, lanterns, food and more added to our existing large collection of costumes, props and array of arms & armour.  All of which will be displayed and available for handling and trying on.  We've recently added a set of 7 hand painted children's size shields and spears and as part of your session the children will be able to participate in and demonstrate the battle tactics of the Viking Shield Wall plus we are adding more 'hands on' participation activities - including weaving using a miniature loom.

We've been discovering that children begin to spontaneously role play once they are in costume and have props to interact with and it's been a joy to see children 're-enacting' domestic scenes and more once this opportunity presents itself.

Owing to the content of this presentation it really requires the full morning time slot in school to maximise the impact and quality of the session.



 Our Vikings have also established themselves as a regular exhibit at the National Trust for Scotland's 'Forces in the Field' event in August each year with a full 'living history' diorama.