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Ancient Egyptians

Following several requests from teachers I spent the Christmas Holidays 2018/2019 developing a brand new workshop covering ANCIENT EGYPTIANS


The workshop was officially launched on 9th January 2019 and feedback proved excellent and this workshop has now become established in our repertoire.


I present the session in the guise of an Egyptologist of the Howard Carter era.

In common with my other workshops this workshop will easily fill a full morning in school.  This allows for a talk section to start which will cover the general geography, location and background to Ancient Egypt and examining how we can possibly know anything about people who lived 5000 years ago.

Looking at archaeology (and what it is) and archaeological evidence and the wealth of remains the Ancient Egyptians have left behind.   Going on to discuss Egyptology and what the evidence tells us about the lives of those who lived in Ancient Egypt.  Basing my talk largely on the social hierarchy of Egypt starting with the slaves and peasant farmers and working our way up through 'the ranks' to the Pharaoh's examining the types of lives each group had and what their role was in the civilization of Ancient Egypt - how they lived, worked, played, what they wore, what they ate, how they worshipped.  Looking at buildings, temples, tombs, death practices, hieroglyphics, art and antiquities, the Egyptian Gods, famous Pharaohs and the pioneering Egyptologists and more.


After the talking part of the workshop there will be opportunity (as with all my sessions) for full group, hands-on participation.


The hands-on opportunities will include a practical sand box archaeology activity where the children can take part in their own 'archeological dig' (I'll be bringing a ground sheet and dustpan and brush to reduce and deal with any mess), there will be the opportunity for everyone to dress up in all manner of Egyptian costumes and  accessories plus there will be a collection of artifacts, ornaments and art work to examine. Writing on papyrus, looking at hieroglyphics, repairing the ancient artifacts (jigsaw puzzles) and more.

We will finish off with a question and answer session so the children can 'iron out' any lingering queries.

As with all my workshops a lot of work has gone into the development of this display and it will be constantly reviewed and added to as finances and time allows.


This is the first new workshop for some years and early feedback has been really positive.

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