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Background Information and Booking Details

History Alive in Schools is covered by full Public Liability Insurance and our Speaker(s) hold PVG certification.  We have 26+ years of experience presenting workshops in schools and other educational establishments.

Displays vary in duration - most now REQUIRE the longer morning slot in school owing to the content and amount of supporting equipment.  However, those specifically designed for younger pupils can easily fit into the shorter afternoon period. 

Due to logistical issues and the increased size of our displays it is NOT feasible to continue to offer double talk days (where I have to 'quick change' at lunch time) - moving one display, setting up a second and getting changed & trying to get a bite to eat is impossible.  Bookings from now on will only be for single topic sessions per day (full days are feasible where it is the same topic i.e. WW2 or large class groups requiring extended time for workshop).  I am willing to travel as often as required by schools and will still offer multiple talk discounts but bookings will now only be for single topic days.

As a solo concern our main area of operation is limited to a travel radius of about a one to one and a half hour journey from any of my available 3 bases (home in South Ayrshire), relatives home in North Ayrshire or family caravan (near Loch Lomond).  Sadly I cannot travel too far owing to caring responsibilities (my husband has a long term health condition) plus I have some serious anxieties about inner city driving so do tend to avoid the Greater Glasgow area.  I could easily fill a diary with Glasgow bookings but I prefer to drive within my limits & avoid too much stress.  I do welcome any and all enquiries & will explore possibilities but if the journey time is felt too far or requires extended stay away then sadly I might not be able to offer my services.  Weather conditions and any travel difficulties will obviously also have to be factored in - sadly in winter 2020 snow and ice forced the rescheduling and eventual cancellation of one booking at is was logistically impossible to travel.

There is no upper limit for numbers in an audience for displays in schools although we will require assistance from school staff for supervision during the hands on sessions especially in very large groups & of course ample space to hold all the children and ensure maximum safety during handling activities.  Where there are large group numbers - extended session time might also be more practical than trying to rush big groups - enabling ALL to participate fully and have the best quality of experience.

Each session (either morning or afternoon) costs a basic £100 (payable on day of display preferably) although I can wait for BACs payments or cheques in the post - a travel contribution is also charged and this will be calculated using the RAC Route Planner fuel cost calculator - based on a standard consumption/diesel vehicle & current cost of fuel.  The final cost with regards to mileage will have to be calculated on the day rather than in advance owing to the situation with fuel costs flucuation.

* Prices as of commencement of school year 2023-2024.



area of operation.jpg

My area of operation - 3 bases in blue & all red stars are places I have been able to service from my bases.

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