World War 2 - Home & Away

also German Input

Described by one P7 teacher as the most intense but gripping couple of hours - the content of the talk portion of this workshop includes:-  the lead up to World War 2, the rise of the N*zi threat, British preparations for war, appeasement, the eventual outbreak of hostilities and the impact on everyone on the Home Front - looking at Air Raids, War Work, the U Boat threat, Evacuation, Rationing, Make Do & Mend, Dig for Victory, Women's Roles, Black Out, Home Defences and loads more.  Literally WW2 from start to finish in a morning.

Your display is presented by a Home Guard soldier in full uniform or a member of the Women's Land Army and is supported by an extensive collection of largely genuine WW2 memorabilia, uniforms, gas masks, ARP equipment, rationing paraphernalia, posters, newspapers, real deactivated or replica weaponry and much, much more.  Incorporating the sights, sounds and smells of the war years & everyone gets the opportunity for hands-on and dressing up.

This display will ONLY fit into a full morning time slot in school and access will be required to the display area about an hour before commencement of the school day in order to set up what has become (and continues to be) a growing mobile museum on the topic!



In 2009, Kathryn joined the Northern World War II Association (portraying a soldier of the Luftwaffe Field Division) and has teamed up with (eventually married) a fellow re-enactor who portrays a soldier of 1st Kompanie - Grossdeutschland.

For a balanced view of World War II we can now also offer a collection of (non-N*zi) German uniforms, weaponry & equipment and have already presented several inputs on the war from the Axis view point. 


A sample collection of German equipment (and sometimes German visitor - dependent on health) will normally be brought along in conjunction with  Home Front Displays or if requested we can bring a bigger German collection in addition - perhaps creating the opportunity of a full day of WW2 experiential learning. 

From 2011 - 2017 we presented several full day WW2 sessions with inputs on the Home Front filling the morning and the German display in the afternoon - these were well received.

If your class would be interested in this additional type of input please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or include a note on booking form.

WW2 school visit.
WW2 - German Guise
WW2 - babies gas mask
WW2 - unexploded bombs display
Air Raid Warden Display
Deactivated & Replica WW2 Weapons
WW2 propaganda posters display
German display