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"P5 travelled back in time to the late 13th century, where they relived the life and times of the Scottish Wars of Independence. Thank you to Kathryn from History Alive in Schools for an awe inspiring presentation, not missing out any gory parts!
Learners enjoyed dressing up as knights and foot soldiers and handling the armour and real weapons!" Kilmaurs Primary School

"The boys and girls had a fantastic time this morning. Thank you very much for your superb presentation. The learners were fully engaged from beginning to end. Your love and enthusiasm for history has definitely been passed on to them. They were raving about it at lunch time!"  Kilmaurs Primary School

"We had a super morning learning all about WW2. Thank you so much for coming in and for being so engaging, you really captivated the kids (and staff!). The fact the children could handle and try all the fantastic bits and pieces was a huge bonus. Thank you......and we look forward to having you back at Kingcase."  Kingcase Primary School

"Primary 4 had a brilliant day last week learning about Vikings with Kathryn.  We loved listening to all her facts and had so much fun trying on costumes, battling each other and trying out traditional Viking ways of life." Kilmaurs Primary School

"I can honestly say we all (including me) had the best morning with you. The kids are so excited about our topic and have had such an exciting day. Your talk was fun and informative and pitched perfectly. I cannot recommend you highly enough, I'm just gutted I'm not doing it all again tomorrow. Thank you so much again." Kilmaurs Primary School


"This was an amazing visit and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. We can't praise you highly enough! Castles and knights for your next visit please! ??"  Leswalt Primary School


"Thank you again for such an interesting & hands on experience that you provided at Goldenhill today. The children have so much enthusiasm for this topic now thanks to you!"  Goldenhill Primary School, Clydebank.

"A truly brilliant resource to excite children and encourage a love of learning about people in the past!" Springside Primary School

"P6/7 Had an amazing time learning lots of World War 2 facts! Thank you for sharing these with us and your huge collection of resources. You provide a fantastic service with your wealth of knowledge, I learned so many new pieces of information myself!" Springside Primary School

"Thank you so much for coming. The children loved your visit with all your amazing artefacts! They were absorbed in all you had to say and how you brought History from that time Alive!!! Thank you so much!! We had such a fantastic day. Learned so much and all very hands on ?? happy children!"   Springside Primary School

"Kathryn, I would like to echo the children's thanks for your fascinating presentation.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Celts (You certainly live up to the title "History Alive In Schools")".  Class Teacher, Alva Primary School.

"I loved dressing up as a Roman.  It was the best day of my life". P3 Pupil, Rephad Primary School, Stranraer.

"My favourite part was when I got to dress up as a real Viking woman.  When I tried to lift the chain mail I discovered it was very heavy.  I don't know who Vikings could lift it.  Thankyou again for bringing all of this in.  I would like you to come again because when you read a book nothing is real but your visit made it feel as if vikings were really in my school".  P4 Pupil, Belmont Primary School, Stranraer.

"Thankyou very much for your very entertaining and informative visit.  The children gained so much from it.  They had so much fun trying on the clothes and handling the weapons.  I look forward to using your talents and knowledge again in the future.  The children are hoping you call again too."  P4 Class Teacher, Belmont PS, Stranraer.

"I would recomend you to any school because on Wednesday it felt like the Vikings actually came to Belmont and when i'm in P7 I hope you can come and teach me about World War 2 because all your visits are fun and exciting". P4 Pupil, Belmont Primary School, Stranraer.

"It was fun talking about Knights and Castles.  I got my photograph taken wearing a helmet and wearing chain mail. I really enjoyed listening about castles and wearing what Knights wore.  I had the best time ever!" P5 Pupil, St. Mary's Primary School, Alexandria.

"We loved the way you let us try on the clothes and evacuation outfits and let us handle the examples. It was as if we were actually back in the war time with the music and voice clips and even the bombing sounds, they were freaky ........We learned a lot, even small things like what a gas mask smells like. Thank you very much and it has made us a lot more interested and enthusiastic about the whole project you have made learning fun. We would recommend you to any one at any time!!" P7 Pupils, Glenluce Primary School, Dumfries & Galloway. 

"Thank you for a very informative talk, for being such a good sport and for the fun we all had trying on the costumes, making the kilt and holding the weapons. History did indeed come Alive!" P6 Woodlands PS, Irvine.

"Just to let you know how wonderful the presentation for children that you presented as part of the Knights & Castles exhibit was. My 4 year old nephew attended a lecture/demonstation of castles and armour with Sir Katherine. The information was clear, interesting and she was so approachable and open to the children. Our whole family enjoyed her talk, the chance to try on armour and the entire exhibit. With many thanks!!" Visitor to the Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 2002.

"The pupils obviously enjoyed the show and several parents mentioned how popular it had been when they came to parents evening. They were also amazed at how much the pupils remembered about the information they heard!" Class Teacher, Heathfield Primary School, Ayr.

"I really like learning about the Romans. I thought it was cool holding the real Roman coin. Our teacher learned a lot too. We all loved it." P4 Pupil, Rephad Primary School, Stranraer.

"Thankyou for letting us try on the clothes and for letting us hold the jewellery, swords, shield and spear. That was my favourite part because you got to try on the clothes and things. I learned quite a lot about the Vikings and I really enjoyed it." P5, Noblehill Primary School, Dumfries.

"Thank you for the amazing talk. I really enjoyed it ... being an archaeologist was mega!" P4, Rephad Primary School, Stranraer.

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