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Curriculum for Excellence

We provide support for your Social Studies teaching and as an external contributor we can provide active learning opportunities which will allow the children to observe, explore, experiment and play - looking at, handling, dressing up in and experiencing genuine or highly realistic props, period costumes, paraphernalia and more.  Our practical, hands-on activities and opportunity to wear and handle objects from the past can help children to make the links to peoples of the past and how modern day lives compare with those of our ancestors. 

Children are encouraged to share their existing knowledge, stories and experiences and their questions are welcomed.

Our presentations are designed to be engaging & entertaining and hopefully provide enjoyable learning experiences which  stimulate the interest & motivation of the children thereby encouraging a sustained interest and enthusiasm for topics and the curriculum as a whole.

Through our sessions children will develop their understanding of the history, heritage and culture of Scotland and an appreciation of their local history together with that of the nation and its place in the World and World History.  Time lines and the chronological events of World History/National History and Local History are used in most of our displays.  Maps are sometimes used especially in our Roman and Celtic displays when children have the opportunity to explore local maps to seek out possible archaeological evidence in the locality of the school.  Appropriate music is now being incorporated into several of our displays so our sessions are becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary in approach.

When it comes to the 4 core capacities of the National Curriculum for Excellence our activities provide opportunities which will contribute to the children becoming:- Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens & Effective Contributors.

SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS - encouraging enthusiasm & motivation for learning, openness to new thinking and ideas.

Capacities we help with - using communication skills (listening, talking & asking questions to get the information they desire), thinking creatively & independently, learning as part of a group (small groups are usually how we do the handling sessions), linking & applying different kinds of learning in new situations (linking what the teacher has already taught, what they've already learned in self-learning and what is presented during our session).

CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALS - self respect, sense of physical, emotional & mental well-being, secure beliefs and values & ambition.

Capacities we help with - relating to others and managing themselves, assessing risk & making informed decisions (appropriate during the handling sessions when heavy weaponry & armour is handled - team work and safely managing risk all come into play), communicating their own views on the world (questions are welcomed during our sessions allowing the children to develop knowledge and communication skills).

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS - respect for others, commitment to participate responsibly in political, economic, social and cultural life,

Capacities we help with - develop knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland's place in it, understand different cultures & beliefs and more. Respect for others in sharing and handling the props in a responsible & team working manner.

EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTORS - an enterprising attitude, resilience, self-reliance.

Capacities we help with - communication in different ways and settings, work in partnership and teams (helping each other to try on heavy armour and sharing the objects in a responsible way), creativity and contributing to group discussion etc.

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