Medieval Scotland

Knights & Castles / Life in Medieval Times

Scottish Wars of Independence - Wallace & Bruce

This exciting period of Scotland's history is examined in a duo of displays and you have a choice of either Knights & Castles / Life in Medieval Times or Scottish Wars of Independence - Wallace & Bruce.  The content of both can be tailored to your individual class needs.


Knights & Castles looks at life in early Medieval Times, the coming of the Normans, feudalism, the reasons for and the construction of castles, the training of knights & foot soldiers, the role of the church, food & dining, hobbies in Medieval times, medicine, female roles and more. The display formed part of a national exhibition on the subject at Glasgow's Burrell Collection Museum in 2002/2003 where I presented schools sessions and family workshops.

Our Scottish Wars of Independence display covers all of the above plus the turbulent times of William Wallace & Robert the Bruce and dispels the myths still lingering from some blockbuster but inaccurate Hollywood Movies.

Your visitor will be portraying a Medieval Foot Soldier or Knight and will bring lots of re-enactment weaponry, armour, helmets, chain mail, costumes and more.  The collection of props has recently had a major revamp with the addition of a whole range of Medieval & Norman Shields handmade by Kathryn plus costumes are constantly being improved. The Covid-19 lock down of 2020 has seen a massive new array of equipment to be made and added.

Knights & Castles can comfortably fit into a morning or afternoon school timetable but it is felt that the Scottish Wars of Independence display requires the longer morning time slot owing to its more detailed nature.