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Jacobites, the '45 & Culloden  - Highland Life & Highland Clearances

Really delighted to find Jacobites returning to popularity in schools in 2020 - this was one of my earliest workshops but it had disappeared from the school curriculum for a few years.  Glad to see it back.


During the Jacobites, the '45 & Culloden display your visiting Highlander (in full plaid costume) will discuss the true Civil War nature of the '45 uprising - taking a look at the history that brought us to the situation of the Jacobite uprisings, brief examinations of earlier risings and battles but mainly concentrating on Bonnie Prince Charlie's campaign in 1745/46 including Culloden and it's aftermath together with the lasting effects on Scottish/Highland life. 

We also have a separate display covering Highland Life and the Highland Clearances which looks more closely at the clan structure, highland life, a fly through of the Jacobite uprisings then looking at the clearances, the movement of the Highlanders and where they went, the industrial revolution etc. etc.

Costumes and Weaponry of both the Jacobites & Hanovarian forces will be displayed and available for trying on and handling plus your pupils can challenge themselves to fold and don the feildeadh mor (great kilt). Folk music relating to the period may also feature.  Again, during 2020/21 Covid lockdown my collection of costumes and props benefitted from a complete revamp with lots of new equipment being made and added.

A detailed display designed for older primary age groups, this topic requires the longer time slot afforded in the morning school timetable.

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